Heating Issues in the Store

I love running a bakery.  It’s fun, I get to be creative, and I just really enjoy being around food and making people happy.  However, managing all the day to day maintenance issues that occur is a pain in the butt.  We’ve had pest issues, heating problems, water damage, and a few other things happen to us in the past.

Currently, it’s really cold outside.  It’s like 20 degrees with a negative 10 degree windchill, so I need my bakery to be warm!  I can’t have my customers or my employees freezing in our building.  We’ve got an old gas boiler that normally keeps this place toasty inside, but the thing just wasn’t working.  I called 7 different boiler service companies in an attempt to get a repair quote and the charges were absurd.  Who charges $4,000 to fix an old boiler?  I could get a new one for less than that.  Anyways, I finally found the Queens Boiler Repair Pros. After browsing their website, I set up an on-site boiler repair estimate for that day.  After inspecting the boiler, the representative named Chad determined it was a broken valve that was triggering the automatic shut-off function.  For $200, he repaired it and we were back up and running with proper heating in our building.  I highly recommend the Queens Boiler Repair Pros because not only was their pricing very reasonable, but they actually showed up on time.  I’ve never seen anything quite like it.  We have had our heating system for a long time though, so I may consider switching it out to something more reliable in a few months.