The Bakery’s Secret Weapon: The Local Exterminator

Our backroad bakery aims to be that little slice of Heaven people can be a part of on a daily or weekly basis.  We want to be the place that people drive to from miles away to buy their favorite baked foods and goodies.  We also strive to be the bakery that is so good that our patrons can’t help but share their amazing experience with others.  That’s how word spreads – it can be viral, especially with the advent of social media, like Facebook and Twitter.  But consider the fact that information spreads regardless of whether it’s good or bad.  Awesome reviews that go out on the Web can draw customers in from far away to try the latest apple pie, but one bad review because of a pest problem can not only destroy the online reputation of a business, but get the place shut down by the local health board as well.  Talk about ruining a business overnight!  That’s why every bakery needs a secret weapon – a local exterminator who can help to prevent insects and rodents from ever getting into the building in the first place.  And, if there is a pest problem or an infestation, that pest control service can get rid of it quickly and quietly!

We discovered this problem through a friend who runs a bakery in Portland, Oregon.  She had never had an issue with any pests before.  Then, one morning, she went to unlock the front door and noticed a hole in the wood surrounding one of the front windows.  The hole wasn’t very big, but it was large enough to a small insect to get through.  She didn’t think anything of it and started the day.  Around lunchtime, it happened.  A customer was looking at pies on the shelf, and a line of ants started marching down from behind it.  One of the ants fell on the customers hand and she freaked out.  The customer screamed and jumped back from the shelf.  That incident hit social media within an hour and the business suffered for weeks.  Our friend called Banish Pest Control, a local ant control expert, to remove the infestation and help prevent future issues.  Although they were able to get rid of the ants, the damage had already been done to the bakery’s reputation.  That’s why it’s important to get quarterly pest inspections for your food business.  Prevention is very important, and it’s something the Backroads Bakery strongly believes in.