How to Fix Your Bakery’s Ventilation

Proper ventilation is one the primary concerns of any baker because without it, the bakery overheats and create a very unsafe environment for employees and patrons inside.  Smoke and fumes float in the air and can be toxic to your health, so they must be removed as soon as possible.  In addition to removing dirty air, appropriate aeration helps keep humidity at reasonable levels.  Both humidity and temperature need to be controlled to bake effectively.  If either piece of the puzzle is off, the products may not come out as expected and can negatively impact business.

We highly recommend commercial vent hood installation to improve the air extraction and replacement in your kitchen.  Air should only flow one way – into the exhaust system and out of the building.  Contact your local HVAC professionals to discuss your options.  Through a combination of well-placed vent hoods and fans, you can drastically improve air circulation, promoting a safer work environment.  You’ll need to consider the appropriate sizing of the equipment based on how small or large your space is.  You’ll also need to be aware of local fire safety codes, which is why it’s best to simply hire an expert.  A couple hundred bucks is a small price to pay for a review of your systems and solid advice for moving forward.

Once the commercial vent hood is installed, maintenance becomes the next most important element.  We advise cleaning the vent hood and ducts on a regular basis.  If you don’t have the manpower to do it yourself, call a professional hood cleaner to do it for you.  Greasy residue cannot remain on the surface of the exhaust system because it decreases its performance and is also a fire hazard.

Finally, train your workers on what to do in case of emergency.  If a fire starts, there are special fire extinguishers that should be used.  If the fire spreads, leave the building and call the fire department as soon as possible.