Our Story

Down twists and turns and a two-lane country road, in the middle of a small rural town, sits the dream that was born in one woman’s kitchen.

As a goodwill gesture, a local woman baked pies for friends who wanted a novelty item to sell in their hotel and country store. She started mixing some recipes, changing this and that, until she finally go the dough the way she wanted it. Out of all the guesswork Backroads Bakery was born. She took on some partners in order to expand her sales into more than 80 stores in a 125 mile radium. They incorporated in 2004, taking the name of Backroads Bakery. Working from a 12-by-12 storage shed in her backyard, the work-space in the small building was cramped, but the family worked hard to make it work. They eventually moved into a 1,600 square foot facility with machinery purchased and adjusted to their needs.

“It was amazing” she said of her time with the company. “To think back to when I started in my kitchen, we’ve grown so much, and it’s amazing to think how much we’ve accomplished.” She guessed that they’ve made 4,000 pies each week. The pies have a 12-day shelf life. By altering the dough recipe, they could have lengthened that, but that was out of the question. “We don’t want to add preservatives like all the other guys” she said. The company does no advertising and relies heavily on satisfied customers to help sales.

In 2009, she and her partners sold their interests in the company to another local couple who are continuing the small town traditions. With over 20 years in the restaurant business, Carol, and Bill, who have over 20 years owning a business himself, were the perfect choice to assume ownership of this family-oriented bakery. They have brought their own extensive family into the running of the bakery. With six family members and lots of other hands, things are churning.